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Dental Hygiene Services;Dental Hygiene Ottawa

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"On September 1, 2007 the Ontario legislature facilitated  public access to dental hygiene services by proclaiming the amendment to the Dental Hygiene Act, 1991. This means that dental hygienists who are authorized by the CDHO to self-initiate are free to decide, based upon a comprehensive assessment, to proceed with scaling teeth and root planing, including curetting surrounding tissue, without the order requirement (permission from the dentist to give dental hygiene care). This legislation validates the belief of this College and the conclusion made by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council in 1996, that removal of the order requirement from the Dental Hygiene Act, 1991 would satisfy the public interest principles of access, equality, accountability and quality of care, without placing the public at an increased risk of harm. This is an example of good government. It places the needs of the public first.

Under the new legislation, with the barrier of seeing a “dentist first” now optional, the public can choose where and when they will receive dental hygiene services. This client-centered system allows dental hygiene services to make their way into less serviced areas, addressing a need that has been long recognized by the CDHO. New dental hygiene practices are emerging in less traditional settings. Dental Hygienists are setting up mobile practices to visit clients that are home bound, in rural settings, community health centers, cultural communities and stand-alone dental hygiene clinics. The face of Dental Hygiene services in Ottawa is changing.

Increased access to dental hygiene services means that more people in Ontario will be screened for oral health problems that may have a direct impact on overall health. Dental hygienists will work with their clients to establish a care plan that will include disease prevention, therapeutic interventions and appropriate referrals. Dental hygienists will work collaboratively with other health care professionals to ensure that the health needs of Ontarians are addressed safely, effectively and efficiently." 
- College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario 
Dental Hygiene Ottawa Dental Hygiene Ottawa Dental Hygiene Ottawa
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New patient, periodontal, specific, recall or emergency dental hygiene assessment and diagnosis. 
Commonly known as "cleaning", this is the process of removing deposit and debris from your tooth both above and below the gumline. This is a therapeuticc proceedure and facilitates the reduction of inflammatory processes that may be occuring in your gums.
 Stain Removal
Also known as "polishing". This can be performed with hand instruments, a prophy-jet (using baking soda and water) or a hand piece with a mildly abrasive paste. 
Application of a fluoride varnish to aid in cavity prevention or enamel remineralisation.
May involve to use of densensitizing agents or proceedures to reduce enamel hygpersensitivity.
 Interim Stabilisation Therapy
A temporary filling placed when immediate access to a dentist is not available or possible. Contains fluoride to help minimise growth of bacteria, and reduce sensitivity.
Process of bleaching the dentition with a peroxide mixture, either as a 1hr in office treatment or as a take home application.
A small layer of flowable white filling material is placed in the small fissures and cracks of newly erupted teeth to help in the prevention of cavities. 
 Sports Guard
An appliance worn during sports that involve contact or could result in contact. A sport guard protects the teeth and against concussions.